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Updated: Jan 2, 2019

There's really nothing like Chicago in the Summertime. The best part of the weather warming up is all of the life and energy that comes back to the city. There's an obvious change in the air. People are lighter, energies are higher, and the community feels just a little bit more connected. The streets are full of people again and there's always something to do.

Upon exploring in the city, we managed to run into a cultural dance festival in Millennium Park. Stationed around Jay Pritzker Pavillion, various groups of dancers performed in vibrant costumes giving us a closer look at the unique people that make Chicago so special.

As we continued walking we stumbled across an urban art exhibition along the River Walk. Called ACTIVATE, the pop-up exhibit is part of an event series that takes place throughout the Summer, transforming urban locations into creative spaces.

Every few steps of the River Walk was something new, exciting, and definitely insta-worthy. Giant Jenga, silent Disco, live painting, enormous neon balloons, and a flower encased DJ booth created a whimsical atmosphere with the Chicago skyline at sundown serving as its backdrop.



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